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  1. VMAX_90_v3_Prototype_AL092021_2021082612_wcone_fromtxt.png
    The Development and Evaluation of a Tropical Cyclone Probabilistic Landfall Forecast Product
    Benjamin C. Trabing, Kate D. Musgrave, Mark DeMaria, and 3 more authors
    Weather and Forecasting, 2023


  1. A Simple Bias and Uncertainty Scheme for Tropical Cyclone Intensity Change Forecasts
    Benjamin C. Trabing, K. D. Musgrave, M. DeMaria, and 1 more author
    Weather and Forecasting, 2022


  1. SEF_DIABATIC_ALL_Conv_Strat_48h_rgt150.png
    The Sensitivity of Eyewall Replacement Cycles to Shortwave Radiation
    B. C. Trabing, and M. M. Bell
    Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 2021
    e2020JD034016 2020JD034016
  2. IMG_3212.JPG
    Observations of Diurnal Variability under the Cirrus Canopy of Typhoon Kong-rey (2018)
    Benjamin C. Trabing, and Michael M. Bell
    Monthly Weather Review, 2021
  3. Large-Scale State and Evolution of the Atmosphere and Ocean during PISTON 2018
    Adam H. Sobel, Janet Sprintall, Eric D. Maloney, and 5 more authors
    Journal of Climate, 2021


  1. waf_shearerror.png
    Understanding Error Distributions of Hurricane Intensity Forecasts during Rapid Intensity Changes
    Benjamin C. Trabing, and Michael M. Bell
    Weather and Forecasting, 2020


  1. LW_radial2.gif
    Impacts of Radiation and Upper-Tropospheric Temperatures on Tropical Cyclone Structure and Intensity
    Benjamin C. Trabing, Michael M. Bell, and Bonnie R. Brown
    Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 2019